Creation of eBooks and Rich Materials

Conquer your leadership by offering high-value content

According to data from a survey conducted by Hubspot CRM in 2018, on the behavior of the Brazilian consumer, 75% indicated that they prefer to establish relationships with companies that provide content that helps them.

Soon, we realized the importance of creating high-value content for your potential customers. One of the main means to build this relationship is through rich materials, especially e-books, which is one of the most chosen.

Here at iSONEW, we do something completely personalized for your company and 100% aligned with the interests of your target audience, guaranteeing more results.


See what we will do for your business

Take a look at our eBooks and be amazed.

Search and content

We will do all the research to improve the theme, language tone, image, text and visual aspects of the rich material for a good personal experience.

Incredible support

At any time you can contact our team and answer any questions you have. Our focus is your satisfaction, so that we can achieve the project objectives.

[Bonus] Landing page creation

When you enrich your material with us, be it an e-book, an infographic or any other, you take the home page of your RD page to your advantage.

Outreach person

All the content of your rich material will be addressed to you, in such a way that it is relevant to her.


Frequently Asked Questions

Make your company a growth machine with our rich material creation.

The rich material can be: e-books, spreadsheets, infographics, tests, tutorials, comparisons, etc. Anything that is valuable and relevant information.

Payment to iSONEW can be made by bank transfer, bank transfer or credit card.

Yes, but the payment is punctual, that is, only for the service performed. There is no monthly fee, similar to a website, for example.

Within 15 days you will have all your material ready and your additional landing page.

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Check what points need to be improved in your marketing to take advantage of your results. At the end, you will receive an incredible detailed report of the actions to be taken.