In addition to increasing access to the site by more than 6,000 times, Hotel Solar also tripled its average occupancy rate in 2 years.


Solar Hotel



About the Solar Hotel

The Hotel Solar was founded in 1973 and is located in the city of Salinópolis, a city that is 220 km from Belém, the capital of Pará. Cozy hotel, family atmosphere, stands out in the region as one of the largest hotels in La Bragantina. region.


Institutional Site (Hotel Solar)

In February 2017, the solar hotel did not have a website that did not express an immersion experience in the middle of the exotic Atlantic Amazon. This made sales very difficult and compromised the company as a whole.

Lead generation

Due to infrequent lead generation, the hotel has large fluctuations in its turnover and cash flow.

It was necessary to maintain an occupancy rate, even in low season due to the greater financial problem and structured growth.

The Solution

But a few months after the website was launched and the inbound marketing project started, this reality changed dramatically.

It reached the public in a new perception of its stay in the Amazon through the website and the blog, in addition to educating the public that showed interest in Salinopolis, the city where the Solar Hotel is present and, without a doubt, sales began to take off .

See how the Hotel Solar project was executed:



Site of accelerated growth in access to the new

Three months after the website launch, we saw marked growth. In practice, the iSONEW timeshare contributed to:

– Average participation rate of 50%;

– RECORD OF SALES (in 44 years of hotel history);

– Increase of 6,700x in the number of accesses to the site from July / 2017 to July / 2019;

– More than 64 thousand unique visitors to the site in the period.

grafico que demonstra o crescimento em acessos ao site do hotel solar salinopolis
Solar Hotel 6

First place on Google and increased revenue

The large number of spectators that the hotel faces is not only an increase in the attendance rate, but it increases the number of new guests and increases the recurring guests, that is, they have returned to the hotel at least once a year.

Solar Hotel 7

As a result, it was attended, where the hotel occupies the first place without a search term that is more connected with the service it provides, and consequently obtains up to 60% of clicks than in other positions. Look down:

The blog entries were responsible for 80% of the site’s traffic, and the best part: without paying anything for it, since the accesses are organic.

pesquisa no google que mostra o hotel solar em primeiro lugar no google
Solar Hotel 8

Communication that educates, creates value and sells

Mockups hotel solar 02
Solar Hotel 9

Above all, since the magazine of heavy materials of the Solar Hotel, such as, for example, Books, maps, infographics, scripts and spreadsheets helped to enhance the website.

Planning according to an inbound marketing strategy and purchase funnel, communication with clients, and led to a purchase stage at the bottom of the funnel, which allows you to increase the generation of leads, opportunities and hotel sales.

The launch of the rich materials, had a great participation in the success, as it reached the impressive mark of 40% of conversion rate, having been the CPL (cost per lead), which before the project was 2.90 and became in 1 20, a 50% reduction.

What are the secrets through the results?

In fact, it was a set of actions that had positive results. But all the time it was the focus of creating bags designed exclusively for Hotel Solar, it was made that made a big difference and made possible great achievements.

Content that connects

As it was already needed, the role of providers that iSONEW gave us, good cases for Google search, played a decisive role in this project.

The same happened with the presentation of a production of materials, staying well aligned, for an experience of staying in a virgin hotel in the middle of the Atlantic Amazon.

“The idea of ​​bringing the necessary costs to the Hotel Solar was not only shown in the exuberance of the Amazon, but also in the visitors who lived as a guest of security and tranquility in a hotel like Solar”

Ronan Pinho, iSONEW CEO

Media buying + iSONEW SEO

Throughout the project iSONEW can be used in various media campaigns, both on Facebook and Google, in order to increase reach, lead generation and sales, thus ROI in a short time.

This applied to the Solar Hotel. In addition, SEO (Search Optimization Optimization), which contributed to the organic positioning of the brand, the growth of access to the site, such as sales opportunities, and consequently, such as sales rates and the search for new guests.

Nutrition that educates and attracts new guests

The essence of the visitor is to attract people through high-value content, which can help to prospect and not to advertise marketing.

For Solar, we produce educational content on important topics and what it’s like to be at the Solar Hotel.

For this, a shopping tour is concise and structured for the use of materials and systems without the blog, which are the potential customers going through the experience until the purchase. This included:

– Attraction of videos with videos on e-net (Hotel Solar website).

– Capture of potential customers, using newsletter forms, for example, or landing

pages (specific pages to convert visitors into potential customers);

– Download the top, middle, and bottom purchase email flows, to send information for each type of lead and with that, guide you to a reserve pool).

Extra strategies to incentivize the purchase

People and content production, media buying and SEO, remarketing does not exist on facebook, instagram and google.

This strategy aims to impact people who have already accessed the site, including blog, home, materials, among others. Facilitate a shopping journey, from learning to selling. So, launch automation-based email campaigns at every stage of the shopping journey, following leading nutrition, educating, and preparing for a purchase.

Have you ever imagined having the same results? We can help you.

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