As Best Gourmet Belém it sold in 1 week, the equivalent of 4 months.


Best Gourmet Belém



About Best Gourmet Belém

The Best Gourmet Club is a passport of advantages, present in more than 15 Brazilian states, that offers you exclusive discounts on the best of gastronomy and entertainment.

It began in Belém in 2019 with Vitor’s decision to acquire a franchise in the region, and today it already has more than 60 associated restaurants.


Best Gourmet BELÉM is today in the 3rd Edition and even with a good offer and product. Vitor had some difficulty selling and was already starting to accumulate losses.

Vitor spent more than 30 thousand Reais on advertisements and the media, which did not bring him the expected return, leaving his business on the verge of bankruptcy. Here are some problems found:

The Solution

Once we found their audience, we were able to identify effective means and ways to reach them and generate qualified leads to increase the demand for the offer.

ISONEW assumed an important role in the launch of the 3rd Edition of Best Gourmet, implementing a strategy that has already been validated by other clients in the sector.

A launch was made on WhatsApp, where we advertise on Facebook and Instagram and direct leads to a VIP group.

The objective was to generate scarcity, and necessary social proof so that the public could take all their doubts before the purchase and this caused what we call the herd effect, which is the repetition of an action carried out by other people, thus becoming even doubtful . The result was simply AMAZING.

See how the launch stages were:

At this stage, the importance of creating pieces that most identify with the public should be highlighted. We asked Vitor to shoot a simple amateur video, so to speak, using the Club passport and making a short call so they could learn more, we just edited it with a headline and posted it.

Three main factors in any launch campaign, regardless of its period, are: a good deal, a sales page with a focus on transformation, and ads that actually sell.


In just 4 days we can see how much iSONEW has contributed to the increase in sales. See:

Record generation of 531 potential customers in 4 days.

cliques 1
Best Gourmet Belém 5
anuncios vitor 1
Best Gourmet Belém 6

Results with the sales page

Leads gerados
Best Gourmet Belém 7

As seen in the images above, we had over 800 clicks with over 60% conversion rate, totaling 291 sales in the period.

What are the secrets through the results?

The secret is that there is no secret formula, only tests, studies and research to achieve the ideal strategy.

A set of actions was necessary, but the simplicity of the solution was the key to this result, we identified the pain, emphasized the transformation and announced it. simple!

Strategies used to stimulate purchase

The big problem was the short-term launch, we worked very well on the scarcity trigger and social proof that was generated with the creation of the WhatsApp group.

The product is good, satisfying, why not get people talking? This was, in fact, the biggest stimulus that generated the purchase decision.

Have you ever imagined having the same results? We can help you.

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