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Red Consulting USA


2018 – 2021

About Red Consulting USA

Red Consulting USA is a company located in the city of Miami that provides consulting in the area of ​​investments, business internationalization and business opening in the USA. Founded in 2015, the company today has representatives in several countries, focused on attracting new businesses where it has already served more than 300 companies, moving more than 47 million dollars in investments.

Unlike a traditional consultancy, Red Consulting USA also takes care of the entire corporate migration process, supporting companies and investors who want to structure their businesses and be successful in the North American market.

The problems of Red Consulting

Institutional site

When looking for iSONEW one of the first challenges was to create a new website, since the previous one, in addition to not generating the credibility that corresponded to the services provided, needed a new form of digital communication.

Our old website did not convey the level of service we provide, and this made the entire process of negotiating and closing deals difficult.

Juan Caballero – CEO Red Consulting USA

Leading generation

Despite solving a problem related to a good website, there was another big challenge related to lead generation and the growth of structured marketing.

Inbound marketing developed shortly after the website was launched.

The solution

With no digital presence, Red Consulting USA – hired iSONEW in June 2017 to develop their WordPress platforms. Landing Page, Blog and a totally personalized website that could contribute to lead generation and get organic traffic.

Subsequently, the initial diagnosis, planning and project action plan were carried out. It involved a team of photographers, video editors, ux designers and programming and web development. The visual project was created and then approved by the Red Consulting team.

A content management spreadsheet was created for inbound marketing.

See what was done in this project:


● Mapping URLS

● Website developed in WordPress

● Create a mirror environment

● Change of content to adapt to the new brand.

● Capture, edit and finalize institutional videos

● Organic traffic migration (mapping, redirects, tracking)

● SEO: search optimization

Lead generation with Inbound Marketing

● Creation of buyer personality

● Keyword mapping

● Content planning based on the purchase process.

● Creating rich materials

● blog post

Lead generation with Inbound Marketing


As a result, in a certain period the website was launched and the entire visual and branding project was 100% aligned with the audience that Red wanted to reach. The credibility that was one of the factors that hampered the sales process was finally restored.

Expressive results in a few months

grafico red consulting usa busca organica

Immediately after the launch of the website, the client can already perceive the gradual and constant growth in the number of accesses, in addition to providing greater lead generation and growth in sales and business as a whole.

Stand out for organic traffic, which grew exponentially and contributed strongly to the first closed sales.

1) Increase of 147%

In organic visits after 5 months of publication

2) 520% ​​increase

In organic visits at 9 months of publication

2) Increase of 1,796%

In organic visits after 14 months of publication

Attract traffic from other countries

acessos site red consulting usa
acessos site lista de paises

First of all, we understand the client’s business, in addition, all the planning was done with the aim of reaching traffic from other countries.

Certainly a large part of Red’s clients were businessmen from the United States, South America and Europe, so one of the pillars of this project was to reach exactly that audience.

Increase in leads with rich material and proof of the American dream

For inbound marketing, one of the challenges was to align the content and distribute it within an effective strategy for generating top leads to the bottom of the funnel.

In order to accelerate the evolution of the lead in the purchase journey, their nutrition was carried out.

See below, some materials produced in this project:

mockup red consulting case materiais

With the Word: The customer

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