Launch Traffic

Focus on what is strategic in its launch and leave all traffic work to us.

Infoprodutors have a great challenge in their launches: give an account of everything, from the production of content, strategy, paid traffic, até same or create two advertisements. Não é an easy task, we know disso.

For this reason, we use all the know-how and experience that we have on your behalf. You can say that from the traffic plan, I added questions of estimates of verba / media, creatives for launching in images, text, I attached the same copy fica will by us.

You will be clear in the entire process of the beginning of the year, in order to give you the necessary security to focus not really and importantly, what to think about adding value with surreal content for your audience.


See what we will do for your business

Find out what we can do to help you achieve your 6 in 7 dream.

Clarity of the entire process

You will keep abreast of the entire process, in such a way that you will know the planning, deadlines, budget and actions that will be carried out at each stage.

Reach the Right Audience

Your content will be shown to potential people who can become future buyers. You will be able to build your solid audience base, that is, your supreme list.

Incredible support

At any time you can contact our team and answer any questions you have. Our focus is your satisfaction, so that we can achieve the project objectives.

Frequent optimization

Our traffic specialists are tireless when it comes to optimization. We understand that in a launch process, this must be made even more difficult.

Personalized campaigns

Our strategy is flexible and respects the scenario that is aligned with the objectives of the project as a whole. Then we adjust according to your reality.

Weekly reports

Receive a free digital marketing diagnosis and win a complete report, and discover the points that you must improve to be successful in your internet strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Turn your company into a growth machine with Launch Traffic.

In order to transmit more precise information, some factors must be taken into account, such as: product maturity, market validation, content quality, etc. Our specialist will contact you to assess a more accurate value.

We work only with a monthly fee. In some cases, the possibility of commission can be evaluated according to the results, but always in line with a fixed pay per launch.

We cannot estimate accurately, because launch success is not just about traffic. For this reason, we recommend that you hire us if your product already has validation for other launches.

The answer to this question depends on some variables, such as niche, quality of content, competition, among others. You can be sure that we will do our best to lower the cost of acquiring leads, without sacrificing quality.

You will be assisted by a specialist with experience in launch traffic. This service will be provided by phone, email, Skype or WhatsApp. The contacts are usually frequent or according to the needs of each campaign.


Yes. The minimum contract period is 1 month, or during the launch period.


Get a Free Marketing Diagnostic

Check what points need to be improved in your marketing to take advantage of your results. At the end, you will receive an incredible detailed report of the actions to be taken.