Marketing automation

Show up in searches as soon as your potential customer searches for your business on Google.

A nutrition system has a series of messages that guide the leader to the next step of the journey, correct? However, you can’t expect him to make a big decision on the first interaction.

The idea is to start with simple actions, like reading content or watching a video, encouraging the leader to say “yes” to their messages, and delivering relevant material as a reward. The transition of the depth of the message takes place gradually, as the “yes” becomes more frequent and natural.

The automation of marketing flows will allow you to scale your processes and prepare (or identify if you are already qualified) the lead for the transition to the sales team, raising the bar of your company like never before, which can mean higher productivity. . , combined with reducing costs and even becoming a great competitive advantage for your business compared to the competition.


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Find out what we can do for lead generation and make it even better using the power of automation.

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Scenario-based flows

According to your needs, we will map what flows, steps and where the lead should go in such a way that your processes are smarter.

Lead Nutrition

Prepare for better marketing results and performance from smart lead nutrition. It can be done through triggers through scoring (lead score), conversion actions, ICP (ideal profile), among others.

Increase your productivity

The implementation of marketing automation will make your business more productive and consequently reduce costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Make your company a growth machine with marketing automation.

Based on a survey, we will better understand your scenario and propose which automation strategy will meet your goals.

You can pay by boleto, bank transfer or credit card.

This will depend on some variables, such as the size of your project, number of flows, multiplatform integrations, among others. A technical specialist will be able to collect this information and exceed the deadlines.

If more flows are needed, we will do a new assessment and then we will present you with a new proposal.

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