Impact Consulting

Explode sales with a solid, validated lead generation strategy, in the short term, and achieve the growth you want for your business.

Recommended for companies in the initial phase and that do not have much time and financial resources to reap results. Impact consulting has already been validated in various product, service and industry segments.

It is perfect for those who want qualified leads and the greatest number of sales opportunities for their business in the shortest possible time.

If you have tried everything in terms of digital marketing, and failed to generate results for your company, the consultancy impact can help you achieve your goals.



See what we will do for your business

Find out what we can do for your business to be successful online.

Quick results

If you don't have time to lose and you need to generate leads for your business, Impact is the ideal service.

Ads for the Right Audience

We will run sponsored ads for people searching for your product or service on the Internet. Therefore, we will not waste time with the purchase decision not yet made.

Personalized campaigns

Our strategy is flexible and respects the scenario that is aligned with the objectives of the project as a whole. Then we adjust according to your reality.

Incredible support

At any time you can contact our team and answer any questions you have. Our focus is your satisfaction, so that we can achieve the project objectives.

Advanced Training

After completing your site, you will receive a tutorial on how to manage the inclusion of posts on your site thereby improving the handling of your site.

Frequent optimization

One of our differentials is that you have the opportunity to analyze performance metrics and indicators on a weekly basis. Therefore, we can be continuously growing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Make your company a growth machine with Impact Consulting.

This will depend on some variables, such as the size of your project, number of flows, multiplatform integrations, among others. A technical specialist will be able to collect this information and exceed the deadlines.

You can pay by billet, bank transfer or credit card.

If other services are needed, we will do a new evaluation and then we will present you with a new proposal.

Based on a survey, we will better understand your scenario and propose which strategy will meet your goals.

Get a Free Marketing Diagnostic

Check what points need to be improved in your marketing to take advantage of your results. At the end, you will receive an incredible detailed report of the actions to be taken.