Person Study

The person is one of the most important steps for your company’s marketing strategies.

Persona is defined as the fictitious representation of the ideal customer of a company. It is built on and based on real data about the behavior and demographics of current customers, as well as their personal stories, motivations, goals, challenges, and concerns. The person guides content creation and digital marketing.

Without a well-defined persona, you are not only communicating, but allowing your entire marketing strategy to be directed to the wrong person, causing you to be wasting time and money. So the importance of having an in-depth study of your marketing persona.

Without a doubt, this study will be the biggest asset in marketing knowledge that your company can have.



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Final report

After you build the persona, you will have an in-depth report of your persona and content ideas to use in your digital marketing strategy.

Research application

We will conduct a survey to identify the demographics, behaviors, interests, dreams and challenges of your current clients to build their personality.

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Collection and analysis

After research, we will condense the data, analyze and build your persona based on the data to create the persona.

Content guidelines

In this step, we will come up with content ideas based on the content marketing buying process.

Recommended channels

After creating the person, we will recommend which channels are the most recommended to make the publications and relationships on social networks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Make your company a growth machine with our in-depth Persona Study.

We will ask the questions through a Google search form. The customer will be responsible for shipping their customers.

Can iSONEW be paid by billet, bank transfer or credit card?

As Google forms are answered, tabbing is done automatically. So you will have a summary of them, from the access within the Google form itself.

The deadline to create your character is 15 days. It is important to mention that, so that the deadline is not exceeded, the client transmits the information according to the schedule.

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