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Nicinha Câmara



Meet Professor Nicinha Câmara:

Nicinha Câmara teacher of the writing course since 1995, was born in Belém-Pa, with the dream of helping young students to improve their knowledge in the area of the Portuguese language, to reach the desired 1000 degree in the ENEM.

Since then, it has already contributed to the lives of thousands of students because they have grown in their ability to write an essay-argumentative text according to the skills required by ENEM.

Today she is much loved and respected by all who ever had the opportunity to attend her dynamic and exclusive classes.

Difficulties faced by Nicinha Câmara:

When we first contacted the teacher, we realized that the biggest difficulty was selling her course because without an adequate digital presence it was impossible to reach her prospect, to “make things worse” the teacher did not have a defined target audience, That is, she was clueless about how she could sell her service to the educational niche.

Nicinha Câmara 5

“Eu queria que os alunos viessem se interessar  não só nos meses próximos “I wanted the students to be interested not only in the months leading up to the ENEM test, but from the beginning of the year, as this would allow them to obtain more information and develop their tests with greater precision”

Nicinha Câmara

The solution

 In January 2019 the teacher got in touch and decided to trust the services of Isonew, which is a benchmark in Digital Marketing Strategies, after analyzing the factors that contributed to the “inertia” of sales, we realized that It would be necessary to implement some improvements so that she managed to leverage her sales and reach more students determined to pass the entrance exams. For inbound marketing, a content management spreadsheet was created.

See what was done in this project:


● Mapping URLS

● Create a basic website

● Content planning based on the purchase process.

Leading generation

● Definition of target audience

● Mental activation techniques implemented

● Improvements in the social brand

● Capture, edit and finish video cases.

PPC Traffic

● Adjustments to organic traffic (mapping, redirects, tracking)

● Keyword mapping

● SEO: search optimization


isonew cases de sucesso 1
Nicinha Câmara 6

Professor Nicinha Câmara increased her sales and profit margins by 100% so they exceeded expectations, that is, she no longer had to worry about selling her course because the students voluntarily pursued her through social networks, investigating in the social media platforms. search and more!

He was amazed at the power that digital marketing strategies can bring if implemented in the right way at the right time by the agency trained in the matter.

Expressive results in a few months:

resultados de nicinha camara com a consultoria impact isonew
Nicinha Câmara 7

The advertisement.

Now see the ad that was responsible for the sales explosion.

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