As Mege sold in 1 week, the equivalent of 1 month.





About Mege Preparatory Courses

Created in 2015, Mege is one of the largest legal education courses in Brazil, focused on offering the highest quality and personalized preparatory content for its students who wish to continue their career in the judiciary.

Its online platform already has several courses that already reach students from all over Brazil, which makes Mege a benchmark in the legal study and reflects on its more than 1,400 professional magistrates approved in competitions in the area.

The Problems

Although it was always in a comfortable position with regard to its audience and sales, from 2017 to 2019 Mege found itself in a market where more and more competitors were emerging.

There were the most diverse preparatory courses with well-defined marketing strategies.

It was a matter of time before Mege lost a good market share and, consequently, had a 30% drop in sales of its fields during the first half of 2019.

Mege 8

In August 2019, iSONEW was contacted by Rafael Laranjeiras, one of Mege’s directors, with clear objectives: to put Mege back as a reference in the market and thus increase its sales and sales.

So how could it be different, we accepted the challenge.

Initially our work with Mege was to diagnose precisely what were her evolution points in relation to marketing and sales at that time, which brought us the following analysis:

With the diagnosis and analysis completed, it was time to create and plan the strategies that could turn Mege on a course.

The Solution

As we already knew that one of the company’s bottlenecks up to that point was the weakening of its market positioning, the first step was a proper launch for Mege and her courses.

From there came the Approval Day.

The Conference consisted of a series of actions whose main objectives were to reposition Mege in the market for preparatory courses, increase its reach in relation to the public and, subsequently, increase sales of its courses.

All publicity for the campaign was done on Mege’s social media, along with paid ads.

In this way we created the opportunity to do remarketing with those who already knew the courses minimally, in addition to reaching potential new leads who had never had contact with Mege.

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Mege 9

With the number of potential clients growing every day, we took our next action on Approval Day: to make some content available in Mege courses for free to those interested.

In this way we were able to work on specific sales triggers that were essential for subsequent results.

It is worth mentioning the creation of the page inviting people to register for the Approval Day.

This page was fundamental in the first place to give Mege credibility and security for the public, since they are fundamental aspects in the sales process.

Also, the page was very important for managing leads.

Mege 10

View the summary of actions taken for the launch:

The Results

The entire launch of the Approval Day lasted 7 days. A week of great dedication and focus that totally changed Mege’s reality at that time.

What is even clearer with the results obtained:

Also, when it comes to sales, the scenario couldn’t have been more successful.

In just 4 days of the campaign, Mege had already sold almost 300 units of her course.

And, as if that were not enough, in 7 days the company reached 6 digits in turnover, definitive proof of the quality of the product offered by Mege combined with iSONEW’s commitment to this work.

imagem resultado 03..png
Mege 11

Bonus: explosion of organic access

To reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and increase ROI, our organic traffic methodology was carried out in parallel.

The results surprised everyone, as she was responsible for almost doubling the number of organic visitors to the site, which was responsible for increasing the list of leads for the launch.

This result helped to lay the groundwork for the launch and consequently played a significant role in the results achieved.

See the results:

imagem resultado 01 1
Mege 12
imagem resultado 02 1
Mege 13

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