Nicinha Câmara

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200% INCREASE IN SALES IN 2 MONTHS See how this teacher achieved extraordinary results with our impact consulting service. Client: Nicinha Câmara Launch: 2019 Meet Professor Nicinha Câmara: Nicinha Câmara teacher of the writing course since 1995, was born in Belém-Pa, with the dream of helping young students to improve their knowledge in the area […]

Red Consulting USA

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17X MORE ORGANIC TRAFFIC AFTER LAUNCH OF NEW SITE Greater credibility, attracting customers from abroad and increasing the generation of new business. Client: Red Consulting USA Launch: 2018 – 2021 About Red Consulting USA Red Consulting USA is a company located in the city of Miami that provides consulting in the area of ​​investments, business […]

Best Gourmet Belém

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500% INCREASE IN BILLING As Best Gourmet Belém it sold in 1 week, the equivalent of 4 months. Client: Best Gourmet Belém Launching: 2020 About Best Gourmet Belém The Best Gourmet Club is a passport of advantages, present in more than 15 Brazilian states, that offers you exclusive discounts on the best of gastronomy and […]

Doctor Francinaldo Gomes

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657 THOUSAND BILLED IN 6 MONTHS Greater credibility, personal brand impact, attracting students and patients. Client: Doctor Francinaldo Gomes Launching: 2021 About Doctor Francinaldo Gomes Born in 1974 in the city of Abaetetuba, in the interior of Pará, Dr. Francinaldo Gomes is a neurosurgeon, and has more than 10 years of experience in the field. […]

Solar Hotel

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HOW DOES A HOTEL IN THE AMAZON BEAT ITS SALES RECORD? In addition to increasing access to the site by more than 6,000 times, Hotel Solar also tripled its average occupancy rate in 2 years. Client: Solar Hotel Launching: 2018 About the Solar Hotel The Hotel Solar was founded in 1973 and is located in […]


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6 BILLING DIGITS IN 7 DAYS As Mege sold in 1 week, the equivalent of 1 month. Client: Mege Launching: 2019 About Mege Preparatory Courses Created in 2015, Mege is one of the largest legal education courses in Brazil, focused on offering the highest quality and personalized preparatory content for its students who wish to […]